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General Information

SC serves a large catchment area of children ages 6-22 who struggle with emotional, behavioral, academic, and developmental needs requiring an alternative academic environment to promote success.  The Internship at SC offers experience in individual, group, family therapy and crisis management with a diverse population of students. Interns also have involvement in collaborating with the extended day program, which is designated for students who need more structure and a continuation of skill building during after school hours.  Interns at SC also receive targeted training and supervision in the areas of peer supervision and psychoeducational assessment, including the administration and interpretation of psychological testing.  Because SC provides a therapeutic milieu with a full array of related services, Interns also have the opportunity to receive experience in consultation and multi-disciplinary team collaboration with professionals from the following disciplines: Substance Abuse Treatment, Art Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychiatry, and School Health (Nursing) Services.


For the approximately 90 students, South Campus has 9 classrooms consisting of 10 students in each classroom.  All classes are led by a Special Education certified teacher and at least one instructional aide, and there are two elementary classrooms, two middle school classrooms, and five high school classrooms.  In other words, approximately 19% of students are ages 6-10, 26% of students are 11-13, and 56% of students are ages 14-22. Although this breakdown changes slightly over the course of the year, approximately 90% of the population are Day School Placement students and 10% are students in the Diagnostic Program.  

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Professor & Students

Program Specifics:

  • Individual/Group/Family Therapy

  • Crisis Intervention & Risk Assessment

  • Work closely with Diagnostic Program to evaluate and determine treatment needs

  • 2 hours of Individual Supervision/week

  • 4 hours of Group Supervision/week

  • 1.5 hours of Didactic Training/week

  • Participation in All-Staff Didactics & School Committees

  • Facilitation of the Extended Day Program & Monthly Family Night Program

  • Monthly Psychiatric Consultation

  • Monthly Family Therapy Seminar & Consult

  • Provide informal Supervision to Externs

  • Development of IEPs, Therapy Goals, & Treatment Plans

  • Ethical, Legal, & Professional Development Training

  • Evidence-Based Intervention Training

  • Member of a Multi-Disciplinary Team comprised of teachers, program aides, behavior specialists, art therapist, substance abuse therapist, and others

Contact Info:

South Campus Day School

909 E. Wilmette Rd

Palatine, IL 60074



Vanessa Davidson, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Site Director

Clinical Director/Director of Training


Caroline Novotny, Psy.D.

Assistant Site Director

SEDOL Diagnostic Coordinator and IAES Program Coordinator


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