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Pre-Employment Screening Policy

All Interns who match with CIC must complete a fingerprint-based criminal background check, medical examination (i.e. TB test, physician attestation regarding communicable diseases, physician attestation regarding physical and emotional capacity to work with children, etc), and drug screening before beginning employment. Instructions for providing this information, completing the background check, and completion of a drug screening will be sent out to all matched Interns after the match process is complete.  The Intern’s specific site will cover the cost of the drug screening and will reimburse the Intern for the cost of the background check.  The Intern is responsible for any costs associated with the physical/medical examination. The offer of employment is contingent upon administrative review of the results of the background check and drug screening, submission of fingerprinting, and all required health and medical examination forms. Interns with history of a Felony Conviction or other charges on their background check may be ineligible for employment with our agency.  Should background checks indicate a Felony Charge or any misdemeanor, the Intern will be asked to explain the charges or convictions to the Training Director, who will review this information with the Training Committee for a decision regarding termination of the Match Agreement with APPIC.  Drug testing consists of testing for controlled and illegal substances.  Should the Intern drug test return with any positive results, the Intern will be asked to provide a letter from a prescribing medical practitioner indicating a medical reason for the substance detected in a drug screen.  CIC understands that the medical use of marijuana is becoming a more standard practice; however, given the school setting and population of the clientele, CIC maintains a drug-free work environment in its programs.  CIC strictly prohibits Interns with medical marijuana cards from consuming cannabis, being under the influence of cannabis, and/or being impaired from the use of cannabis during work hours. It is also important to note that random drug screenings may be conducted during the training year for staff and Interns, and these standards remain policy over the course of the training year. 


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