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In order to maintain the high standards of our training program, the CIC takes the needs of the interns into account at all times, integrating feedback into the program on an ongoing basis.  Interns are asked to complete an evaluation of their supervisors and the training program at the midpoint and end of the training year in order to provide feedback that will inform any changes or improvements in the training program.  All evaluation forms are available in the CIC Training Manual here.

The ultimate training objective of the Connections Internship Consortium (CIC) is to promote Intern professional growth in such a way that, by the end of the training year, Interns feel confident in their ability to competently function as a Psychologist, with the ability to practice in accordance with the highest standards of care. 

The CIC requires that interns demonstrate minimum levels of achievement across all competencies and training elements.  Interns are formally evaluated by their primary supervisor twice annually, at the midpoint and end of the internship year, using the CIC’s evaluation form. The evaluation form includes information about the interns’ performance regarding all of CIC’s expected training competencies and the related training elements.  Supervisors review these evaluations with the interns and provide an opportunity for discussion at each checkpoint.

All CIC interns are expected to complete 2000 hours of training during the internship year, including a minimum of 400 hours of direct face-face contact with students.  This hour requirement allows for the most optimal learning in order to promote intern success as a future psychologist.   Meeting the hours requirement and obtaining sufficient ratings on all evaluations demonstrates that the intern has progress satisfactorily through and completed the internship program.  Information for intern evaluation and requirements can be found in the CIC Training Manual and on the CIC website here.  

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