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CIC Hours Requirement

All Interns are required to be on-site when school is in session, and be available for consultation, paperwork, inservices, and trainings during Institute Days when students are not present in the building.


  • The daily on-site schedule for each site is as follows: Connections Day School (CDS) and New Connections Academy (NCA): 8:00am - 4:00pm; South Campus: 7:45am - 3:45pm; and Connections Academy East (CAE): 7:30am - 3:30pm.


Interns are required to complete 2,000 hours of supervised training experiences in no less than a 12 months period in order to successfully complete the Connections Internship Consortium (CIC) training program.  

Graduation Hat Throw

Based on the 8-hour per day schedule and predetermined school calendar (which includes national holidays off and typical school breaks), an Intern’s on-site hours total 1,640 for the year.  Therefore, 360 additional hours (average of 9 hours per week) must be completed throughout the course of the school year in order to meet Connections Internship Consortium requirements of 2,000 hours.


Additional hours can be met by performing a variety of duties, including:


  • In-house Supervision of Consultation done outside of normal school hours.

  • Paperwork (e.g., weekly case notes, color charting, monthly progress notes to prescribing physicians, and any other paperwork duties that therapists are asked to complete throughout the course of the school year).


  • File review and researching evidence-based treatment plans and interventions.


  • Preparation for presentations at the weekly Clinical Team Meeting.


  • Family therapy or family contact related to clients (e.g., in-person contact, phone call, email messages, letter writing to families that cannot be reached, etc.).


  • Case management duties (e.g., collateral contact with community organizations, caseworkers, probation officers, private treatment providers, etc.).


  • Report writing (e.g., Therapeutic Summaries, SCERTS Profiles, Social Developmental Histories and Therapeutic Summaries; reports for the court, reports for the private agencies, etc.).


  • Attending and assisting with Parents’ Support Group Meetings (monthly) and any other after-school activities (Open House, Parent/Teacher/Therapist Conferences, Coverage of the Extended Day Program - only available at South Campus & New Connections Academy).


  • Independent Study of Clinically Relevant Topics (with supervisor approval) so as to enhance individual, group and family therapy work.

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